Tuesday, November 18, 2014

after few month

After a few month i decided to writing back on this blog.
i decided to writing something meaningful and bring more beneficial to other.
especially my own experience doing outdoor activities and more.

One more thing, Alhamdulillah Allah give me a chance to seat online examination for Penguasa kastam W41 and Pegawai Tadbir Diplomati M41. For the first time doing online test, i got  bad experience in term of system are not working well even though i thought i using my office server (might be this is the reason). For the first time i have to waiting almost 2 hour and then system are hanging. Then SPA giving a chance to re-test again on two day after actual date (doing at home). Because i don't enough study and i don't have any experience on trick, technique of question, i failed. As expected.

On November, Allah give me opportunity to seat M41 exam. Learned from previous experience, i give full commitment by bought book Contoh Soalan PTD from Tips Menduduki Peperiksaan Online cost about RM 40.00. By the way, no one from the example given on the actual test! kiki...But i used as a reference, at least i know how the question given. Alhamdulillah i passed and now waitingdate for interview.

Allah also give me a chance to seat examination for Civil Engineer, J41 in MPPG. The question similar like SPA, but little bit different. For the technical question essay, amaigaddd so easy. It cover from Highway, QS, Geotechnic, Building etc. BUT because i'm not prepared anything (sebab tak tahu, soalan teknikal berbentuk bagaimana), i feel quite difficult. Surprisingly, for easy question i blur how to answer. Alhamdulillah, Allah give me a chance again. Yesterday,i got called from MPPG. I qualified to second stage. Mean i should go to PAC at INTAN. Alhamdulillah. But my mind was play and imagine many thing. i'm afraid i can't perform well on that day. Because the candidate (during exam, just 11 candidate) almost of them having long experience in construction field (private sector) and most of them Master holder. You know i feel right now. Low self-esteem. 

is not easy to be a government servant right now. During my time, all these thing are not necessary. You just go for interview. If you luck, you will get the position. But i'm thankful on what Allah giving to me right now. I assume this is a hint, i should more closed with him because everything in dunya are from HIM.

p/s: aku tahu ini direct translation jek. Kiki...aku tahu kelemahan aku. Tapi aku sedang cuba utk perbaiki dan tak kekok waktu guna utk sesi presentation dan esei...wish me luck!

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