Tuesday, December 16, 2014

December almost gone

oh well, hello..Assalamualaikum.

December almost gone. While im alone and try to flash back  what i have been done almost this year, Alhamdulillah i have so many beautiful memory to keep into my box. For the something i let it go, i believe everyone made mistake and i assume as i have been tested and i'm not passed through the difficulty journey. cewah, i'm looking at the bright sight and the reason behind all these thing happened. Allah know what the best is.

okay, i just back from PTD interview 3 days back. its quite funny nervous because i never go for interview almost 7 year. You just imagine. For the first time i got the result, seriously i'm happy. i cant believe it i passed the exam. PTD okay. My dream position lah konon. Then, after SPA list down the center for the interview i have uncertainty feeling. I should go to Putrajaya for the iv. The thing i made mistake (probably for the first time i tick because i need a trick), then my feeling down to 40%. whole night i cant sleep because of this thing. Whether i should go or not, moreover i keep review previous experiences ever by people who attend this iv. DEMOTIVATED. This is the best word i can describe the worst feeling on that night. After got consultation from my boss, which is also PTD and most of my friend, i decided to gain an experience and feel the circumstance . The preparation for this iv is most likely when you preparation for final exam. I miss student life...then when your friend said, "kata nak jadi ptd sangat" and 'basuh' you in whatapps group..huhihui

i don't want to share my experience during interview so far. 

By the way, i did not passed Assessment for J41 in MPPG. Its okay. I'm not really good compared than 3 person who did well. i heard that the poyo guy who sitting beside me during first stage got this position. Okay, i assumed his rezeki even though he is so young. He is just 23 yo. Just because he is Alumni UTM, Okaylah proceed. His Rezeki even now he working with the well known consultant company.

okay, saiyonara. 

p/s: ehemmm, excuses my grammar and vocabulary.

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