Friday, May 22, 2015

Penang Explorace

Because i just reach home from outstation, then i can't, i open my gallery and scroll previous picture there. Some of them is memorable for me.

On February i went to Penang with my Usrah mate to celebrate our usrah friend wedding. We go by flight at the night. Alhamdulillah everything very smooth and we got 'good treatment' from 'tuan rumah'. Suria (bride to be on that time) provided two driver to pick up us and bring us to her home stay (her own apartment) at airport. The sad news we got after landed is we received  TGNA has passed away. ;-(

Along our journey on Penang bridge to Butterworth, it was an  amazing feeling at the night (for me maybe). In my mind i was keep thinking "siapalah yang design structure bridge ni and how it construct". After we chit chat with suria, we go for char kuew teow at 1.00 am!! (i never go out for cari makan after few year ago at this our). But we can't refuse Suria to pleased us as her guest and we also got LAPAR teruk,  everyone back from office and straight away  to the airport.

The best moment when we did subuh berjemaah, following with some tazkirah and  last closing is few words from Suria. Every single from her word touch our heart. It how Allah planned our jodoh. Knowing her, we know that she don't have bf like other woman do. But she really believe is Allah will give on the right time with the best person and for the a good reason and never late even with second. In conclusion is, we must put trust in Allah first in everything we do. That what I've learned.

Suria leaving us with two car and it sponsored by her BIL for our 3 day vacation on Penang. So we started our journey to GorgeTown. Even though this is not first time i'm going to Penang, this place is the best place to visit couple of time beside Melaka. You never get bored. Thank you to Mr.Google. You are really kindness with all of us during our 'explorace'.

We went to Penang  Street Art as a first location in early morning. 

we just park our sponsored car around this area. RM 2/entry 

RM 20/entry (just see and walk away)

After 20 minute we go jalan without proper direction, main redah saja, we got lapar. and go Kapitan Restaurant for breakfast.

Diorang yang nak bergambar dengan kami. ;-p

i just love the idea toward recycle thing!

This one too.

Because everyone street art hunting, we go every wall to take a photo.


this one...

one two...smileeee

omg..i missed this momento..putato..

Then on 12.30 pm everyone get hungry. We walking again to Kapitan for lunch. Tak boring betuii hangpa semua. But we have to makan cepat-cepat, because they want to close their restaurant for Solat Jumaat..

Thank you to Mr.Google again for bring us to Bukit Bendera. Before that, we managed perform our solat at Masjid Negeri all the way to Penang Hill. In my observation, Johor mosque is the best. I'm not talking about decoration, clean or else. I'm referring  about toilet.;-p. Satu je kot toilet boleh guna.

 RM 5/entry. Sejuk macam aircond pada suhu 26degree

i love copycat idea from Korea. BUT this padlock is quite expensive.
For small one (macam nak kunci peti besi yg kecik tu) cost about RM 25.90.
sayang duitttt.

Because we are JOHOREAN.
Terrengganu-ean pon fefeling johorean

Butterwoth from Penang Hill

By evening we straight away to Batu Feringhi. Again, thank to Mr google. we managed to see sunset. It beautiful Masha Allah! 

Befire going back, my friend fulfilled  my wishes to take this photo.
Tiap kali pergi Penang, teringin nak bergambar kat sini, tapi tak pernah sempat.;-p

By night we straight to Gurney Drive to try well known Passembor at this area. Parking boleh tahan susah nak cari and  crowded!

Most of stall selling Passembor as their main menu apart from Laksa and goreng-goreng

Then we back home around 10.30 pm. 

p/s: Okay dah mengantuk. English pon tonggang langgang. Direct translation sajorkk.Kalau rajin sambung Part 2, tapi macam tak rajin. Mood datang bermusim.bye.

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